Queen’s Park Ward Area Neighbourhood Forum is open to anyone living or working within the Designated Area.


The Neighbourhood Forum is a group of people who live and work in the area which has been set up by the community specifically to produce a Neighbourhood Plan. It is in addition to existing forums and residents' groups that exist in the area.


The proposed Designated Area for the Queen’s Park Ward Area Neighbourhood Plan is largely based on the Queen's Park Ward boundary.


It covers the park itself and the residential areas including a large part of the area known as Charminster. It also covers both sides of Charminster Road including businesses and services on the western site which are outside the Ward

The Queen's Park ward is made up of over 5000 residents and contains a diverse demographic of resident and properties

If approved, the Neighbourhood Forum will enable the local community to prepare a neighbourhood plan for the designated area in accordance with the Localism Act 2011. This allows communities to influence changes in the area including, for example, what is built and what amenities are provided. It provides a framework which feeds into Bournemouth Local Planning Policy and has statutory status. It is expected that by devising a Neighbourhood Plan, the community will be able to influence and shape the future. It would enable landowners, developers and planners to have a better understanding of what local residents consider to be acceptable and desirable.


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